Aloe Vera for Hair – What does it do?

Aloe Vera for Hair – What does it do?

People use aloe vera for hair growth and scalp health for many different reasons. Some of the most important benefits you can gain from aloe vera are listed below.

Increased Moisture

Aloe vera penetrates up to seven layers of skin on the scalp to add moisture in a way no other conditioner can. This results in a healthier scalp, reduced itching, the elimination of dandruff and the production of stronger, healthier hairs that are less likely to become damaged or broken.

Less Scalp Irritation

Studies have shown that an irritated scalp is one of the most common causes of non-genetic hair loss. Fortunately, aloe vera’s moisturizing and healing properties can reduce the irritation to the scalp, thus preventing and/or reducing hair loss.

Elimination of Bacteria

When present on the scalp, certain bacteria can cause hair thinning and bald spots. Aloe vera’s antimicrobial properties can eliminate these bacteria and prevent hair loss from occurring.

Promotion of Growth of New Hair

In some cases, hair doesn’t grow properly because dead skin cells are clogging hair follicles, which prevents nutrients from reaching the follicle. Aloe vera contains enzymes that eliminate dead skin cells from the scalp and unclog follicles. When the follicles are exposed to the air, they receive the nutrients they need, and they are able to produce stronger, longer hairs that won’t break or fall out before they have completed a full life cycle.